Sea Glass Hunting on Monhegan Island

It’s interesting that sometimes it takes someone coming from hours away to get you to do the touristy things people do when they come to your state. Denisa and I have lived here for 14 years now, and we had yet to venture to any of the islands off the coast of Maine, despite the fact that many people come here to do just that. For the first while, it was because of the expense ($38 for a ferry ticket?), and then it was because we had kids of ages that didn’t really line up right to do the outing,

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Origin Factory Tour

The local chamber of commerce had arranged for the public to go on a tour of the Origin USA factory this morning, and I’m always a sucker for a good factory tour, so I walked down the street (5 minutes away) to check it out. I’m glad I went. For those of you who might not be aware, Origin USA started out as a manufacturer of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi tops. I learned this morning that they’re actually the only gi manufacturer in North America. The closest other one is in Brazil. Most of the American companies that sell gis

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On the CMP Corridor

This post might be a fair bit shorter than many of you might expect. I haven’t said anything about the CMP corridor, despite it being pretty big news here in my home in western Maine. For those of you outside the state, it boils down to this: there’s an effort to bring Canadian power down to New England, and to make it happen, it has to go through Maine. That much is established fact. What’s far from established is what all of that means. To illustrate, allow me to quote the summaries that supporters and objectors are using for the

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The Evolution of a Maine Driveway in Winter

A lot of non-Mainers will ask me from time to time just what winter’s really like up here in Vacationland. The answer is probably what most people would expect: it’s cold (-10F on the way to work this morning), and it’s quite snowy. (I haven’t seen my yard since November. It’s got 1.5 feet of snow and ice in it, and I don’t expect it’ll surface until . . . May? Maybe April? You never know.) For the most part, I really don’t mind the winter at all. I have a pellet stove, wood stove, and oil heat to keep

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Fort Kenting the Day Away

I’m up in Fort Kent at a library meeting for the day. For you non-Mainers, Fort Kent is way up at the very top of Maine. It took four and a half hours to drive here yesterday. I’m actually staying at a hotel that sits at the very end of Route 1. If I were to get out and start driving on this road, I could keep going until I hit Key West, Florida. Having driven four and a half hours yesterday, I think I’ll pass. I have to drive back home tonight, after all. Anyway. Just wanted to pop

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