Oscars 2023

Another year, another Oscar party! And this year there wasn’t even any physical violence on stage. What a concept! Honestly, I found last night’s broadcast to be very good. It really helped that there were so many positive narratives to see come to a resolution all at once. It was almost like a Brandon Sanderson ending. You had Short Round hugging Indiana Jones (and me discovering Data’s lawyer is Chunk), Michele Yeoh, Jamie Lee Curtis, Brendan Fraser, and on and on. It was almost enough to make you think it was scripted. I enjoyed the focus on movies, with not

Oscars: 2022 Thoughts

Another year, another Oscars. And my, but this one had some things to talk about. (And yes, beyond Will Smith deciding to Make Duels Great Again.) As usual, we turned the evening into a small party, and this year we even went for a themed event, having everyone dress up as a character from an Oscar nominated movie. (I was Guy from Free Guy, Tomas was Shrek, Denisa was Amy from Little Women, Daniela was Luisa from Encanto, and MC was Anna from Frozen.) We also had treats that were Oscar movie-themed: Devil Wears Prada’ed eggs, Chocolat covered strawberries, Grapes

Oscars 2021 Thoughts

I have always enjoyed watching the Oscars, but I must say that they have seemed to really struggle for the past few years. Part of it seems to stem from this sort of existential crisis they seem caught up in, questioning why they exist and what they should do about it. It’s been rightly pointed out that the Oscars have been historically very, very white to an extent that’s made the awards more than a little problematic. So I’m all for them taking steps to try and rectify that issue. However, at the same time they’ve been doing that, they’ve

2020 Oscars Review

Another year, another Oscars. This time around, I’d seen most of the movies that garnered a slew of nominations. I also just barely panned the movie that won best picture, Parasite. So first, a response to that win. Some asked me if Parasite’s win means I need to change my review of the movie. Of course I won’t. I stand by my feeling that this is an Emperor’s New Clothes sort of a win. Don’t get me wrong: I was happy to see a non-English language movie gobble up some awards, and I think that’s something that’s been a long

The Oscars were Better without a Host

Snow kept me from the full-blown Oscars party I prefer, but we still had a family affair last night, complete with Martinellis, brownie pudding cake, and a close race for the coveted Oscar the Grouch hat. (In the end, DC and I tied, but I gave her the win, since she managed to pick best picture.) A few thoughts on the broadcast: I didn’t miss a host at all. The opening number with Queen was snazzy, though Adam Lambert is no Freddie Mercury. I definitely didn’t miss the lame running gags. In a show that runs over three hours, do