Some Artificial Intelligence Hesitancy

I’ve been on the record multiple times marveling at just how big of strides generative AI has been making since it first burst on the scene. Yes, I realize that “intelligence” is somewhat debatable with ChatGPT, but I also begin to wonder if it really makes much of a difference. It’s certainly possible that generative AI is just the first big step toward actual AI. But. I’ve been having a few additional thoughts the past while that have given me pause. Not enough pause to think this is all nothing more than a flash in the pan, but enough pause

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So Many Technology Wonders, and So Much of It Ruined by Ads

I get that companies exist to make money. Like, that’s a pretty well-known fact. But the more I’m around tech developments, the harder it gets for me to be truly excited about them. Yes, the wonders of generative AI are pretty stunning, and it will no doubt do some incredible things . . . Before the suits figure out the best way to make as much money out of it as possible. At that point, even though it could do wonders, it won’t do them, or it will do as little of them as possible in return for as much

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Talking to Artificial Intelligence

We’ve all had plenty of digital assistants in our lives for the last several years. Siri came out 8 years ago now, believe it or not. Alexa? She’s ten. The days of wondering over the marvels of asking a black box a question and having it respond are long past. However, I don’t think anyone would accuse Siri or Alexa or the like of being intelligent. At best, they come across to me these days like a sort of dim-witted friend who’s got internet access. You ask them a question, and they start rattling off the entire Wikipedia page until

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Current Artificial Intelligence Thoughts

I keep going to talks and mini-conferences about artificial intelligence, and my thinking on the subject continues to evolve. Not that I’m really changing my mind on any part of it completely, but rather that as I dwell on the subject more and more, I see aspects I hadn’t thought of previously. So I thought it would be useful (to me, at any rate) to take some time and pin down where, exactly, I stand on the subject today. First of all, I want to stress that I think the continuing refinement of AI is inevitable and and will happen

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Exercising in VR, and More Thoughts on the Future

I wrote a while ago that I was toying with the idea of getting an Apple Vision Pro. In the end, I decided to pass, simply because it was just so expensive. (Though to be honest, reading some of the reviews and experiences people are having with it, I’m still bummed I don’t have one. It’s right up my alley.) Thinking about it as much as I had, however, made me turn back to my Quest 2, which I’ve had for the last while, but hadn’t used recently. The main problem I had with it is that I would get

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