Dear Winter

Dear Winter,

You’ve really been disappointing me lately. I mean, we had a great December. You dumped snow all over my area, and I got one and a half snow days out of the deal. I thought we were set for at least a six month relationship. January came around, and some of the thrill was gone, but I thought we could still make it work. Relationships are all about sacrifice, right?

But then February happened.

You started seeing other places. DC. Philly. New York. Showering them with white, glistening gifts in amounts I haven’t seen all year. Why didn’t you treat me that way? I mean, those other places don’t even want you. You’re not one of those girls who’s always after the bad boys, are you? The big, glitzy cities who pretend to want you by throwing a flashy Christmas celebration, but then just start complaining about where to put all the snow as soon as you come around? Because they’re going to dump you like yesterday’s donuts.

Not me.

I’m here. Waiting for you. Things looked good for a few days–snow was in the forecast. I thought you might finally be remembering me. But no, you decided to dump wet slushy crap all over the place. Thanks for nothing.

All I’m saying, is that I want you back. All will be forgiven, if you just would start coming around regularly again. I’m not the jealous type. You can still go down to New York for a getaway now and then. Just be sure to always come back where you belong:




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