Early to Bed

Maybe this whole go to bed earlier thing and wake up earlier thing is going to work. I got to bed around 10:30 last night, woke up at 5:55 again. That whole shower first thing worked wonders, and I got in a solid 1000 words before I had to eat breakfast and whisk myself off to work. The book is going well, although I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve had to change. I think the original was about 48,000 words, and the revision/recasting of it is now over 62,000–and I still have some more new scenes to add. I estimate the final will be between 65,000 and 70,000 (MS Word wordcount–more if you count words the traditional way). This is about where I wanted the book to end up, so I’m pleased. Really, over all I feel very good about the book. Of course, this may change once my alpha readers get through with it, but at the very least, I’ve had a good time writing it.

Meanwhile, there’s a tornado watch here. I wonder if I’ll meet Toto.

4 thoughts on “Early to Bed”

  1. You seem devoid of comments lately…
    So I thought I’d help. 🙂 I also LOVED Wall-e and was completely floored by The Dark Knight. Will and I never watch previews, so even though we were expecting Ledger’s Joker to be intense, we were in no way prepared for the intensity of the entire film. Just amazing work – I think Christopher Nolan is becoming my favorite director. Everything he does is so complex and carefully, expertly constructed. We had to go home and watch a kids’ movie to help ourselves feel better afterwards, but in the time that’s passed since I saw it last Saturday, I’ve grown to like and appreciate the movie even more.
    Also, I’m very impressed with your 5:55 wake-up time! I can barely drag myself out of bed at 6:30AM to work out. Way to be disciplined and productive!!
    – Gretel

  2. And?
    Did you find Toto? The first tornado watch I can remember, living here my whole life, and I was in a hospital with no real windows to experience the craziness. Oh well, maybe in another 30 years!

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