Eating without a Kitchen

Okay, people. We’ve been down a kitchen now for almost a week, and I’ve discovered that cold cereal, while generally awesome for me, doesn’t quite cut it for the family day after day. Especially when it’s getting colder out, and people want actual hot meals. But Denisa has also discovered that cooking without a kitchen is . . . difficult to say the least. Right now, she’s got a set up with a hot plate on a card table. There’s not much in the way of prep surfaces, and perhaps the biggest problem is trying to clean everything in a bathroom sink.

(As far as the renovation goes, it’s proceeding well. We almost have all of the stuff out of the kitchen now. We have to replace the entire back wall, since it’s not really providing the structural support it’s supposed to, and what’s the use of a wall that’s not supporting anything? That’s going to add on a few days or a week, depending on how long it takes. We also still don’t know what we’re doing for flooring, or how we’re going to handle some of the ceiling. But progress is being made, and that’s encouraging. Now if it would only stop raining . . .)

So anyway, I’m trying to think of healthy alternatives to real honest to goodness home cooked meals. (Or at least, as healthy as possible.) We almost never eat anything that goes in the microwave. No frozen foods. No prepackaged things. So we don’t have much experience trying to feed a family with that. However, I realize that there is this whole world out there of microwave dinners. (Or at least, television has told me there is.)

Are there healthy versions of all of that? I’m really a complete idiot when it comes to any of it, so don’t assume that I even know the basics. If you had to eat healthy, but you couldn’t do a full meal prep, and you didn’t really just want to eat out every night, what would you do?

Remember, hot pockets don’t count . . .


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