Help Me Brainstorm a Giveaway

See that there? Those are pictures of the Advance Reading Copies of Vodnik, sitting on my editor’s desk, even as we speak. One is wending its way to me in the mail. Gorgeous, aren’t they?

One could be on its way to you, too.

I can give away one of these beauties through some sort of a contest on my blog. The only thing is, I can’t decide how I want the contest to run. I know one thing: everyone who gives me a solid suggestion on how to run the contest will earn himself or herself an entry in the contest.

Make sense?

So the first way to enter is to suggest how the contest could/should run. What are some potential ideas? Entries could be awarded for:

  • Following me on Twitter
  • Retweeting a contest tweet
  • Commenting on Facebook (maybe on a certain theme–favorite fairy tale?)
  • Commenting on my blog
  • Blogging about the book?
I don’t know! That why I’m crowd sourcing this one. In the end, I’ll randomly select a winner from all the different entries, and that winner will get the ARC. So yes, you could have multiple entries in the contest. (And later, I plan on giving away an eARC or two, when those are ready–so be on the lookout for that, as well.)
Make sense?
Then suggestions, please!

4 thoughts on “Help Me Brainstorm a Giveaway”

  1. I think you should have people leave comments on a blog post and get extra entries for each of the following:

    1) One for commenting
    2) One for posting on their own blog
    3) One for liking your Vodnik page on Facebook (you’ve got one, right?)
    4) One for posting a thing on their own Facebook wall
    5) One for tweeting.

    That way you get maximum social media exposure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I just realized that I wrote virtually everything you wrote in your post. But seriously, most of the contests I’ve seen have all of those methods of earning extra entries…I think it’s all about just plastering yourself over the social media networks.

  3. I say go old school. Readers/ entrants promise to expound upon your greatness (and that of the book) at all family and other social gatherings between now and the release date and to ask for the book at all bookstores within a 20 mile radius of their homes.

    -Becky G.

  4. Thanks Rachael and Becky–good points and suggestions. I’m thinking I’m going to run the contest after the holidays are over. I see a big dip in traffic on my blog whenever vacation’s in full swing, so better to wait and run it when more people are in front of their computers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Becky, I guess I could also just ask for commitments from people to buy X number of copies of the book each, where X is the number of entries they’d like in the contest. ๐Ÿ™‚

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