I Hate School

The subject says it all.  I have been in college since 1996.  True, I took two years “off” for my mission, but other than that, I’ve been in school.  I double majored during undergrad, and dual emphasized my English MA and now my MLS.  I only have nine weeks left worth of school, and it’s killing me.  I know I should be all excited to be done and everything, but that nine weeks is looking like an eternity sometimes.  When I put this all down on paper, I know it sounds silly and stupid.  I mean, come on–nine weeks?  That’s nothing.  I should just “man up” and finish it, but . . . that doesn’t mean I can’t complain about it right now.  Grr . . .

Oh well.  Maybe I ought to go do my homework instead of checking the internet every five seconds for ways to waste my time.

2 thoughts on “I Hate School”

  1. I can sympathize. I took a year off between my undergrad and grad school, which scared me to death, since I’d been in school since I was three years old. I couldn’t remember life without school.
    But what I found when I wasn’t in school was that I didn’t miss it one bit. So coming back was like “why am I doing this, again?”
    It’ll be nice to be done, if you can survive the next nine weeks. I think we should go out as a writing group to celebrate your graduation, when you’re done.

  2. Totally
    I’m all for that idea. I think the worst part of these last two years of school has been that I haven’t been able to interact with other students in my program. It’s still been worth it to me to do it online, because of other issues, but I would recommend against other people doing online programs, unless they have really good reasons other than convenience. If I weren’t a self-motivated person, I think I’d be floundering.

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