I’m Batman

No. Not really. But I did just finish watching Batman Begins and The Dark Knight in the past 24 hours. Batman begins was a fun movie, and it held up to the second viewing well. I’m a Batman fan–not a rabid one, but I enjoy the storyline and the villains, etc. I liked the reboot of the series. A good three stars, easy. But The Dark Knight was supposed to be something really special, from what I’ve heard. I mean, IMDB had it listed as the #1 movie of all time–beating out The Godfather for that position. And any time you see something get THAT hyped . . . you’re pretty much begging for disappointment. Begging for it, I say. Well, I wasn’t disappointed. I’m torn between three and a half stars and four. I think if I were watching it at home, it would have got four stars, but in the theater, where you can’t take a break now and then, it was a three and a half, mainly because there were a couple of times I got a tad restless. And a perfect four star shouldn’t leave you wondering how much longer it’s going to last. Don’t get me wrong–I loved it, but there were a few too many “everything you thought you knew was wrong” moments–too many climaxes. Then again, maybe that’s just because I hadn’t eaten in a while and was hungry. In any case. Great movie–you should see it.

Oh–and I wanted to give a shout out to my good pal Tom, who was worried I’d blog about him jingling his change throughout the movie. Don’t worry, Tom. You didn’t kick my seat or make obnoxious noises throughout the movie–and you didn’t answer your cell phone, and you didn’t have a screaming baby with you. I’ll take a change jingle now and then over the rest of that any day.

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