Ixnay on the Imetay

Not much time right now. Had a good, full day–went to Melcice to visit wife’s brother and sister-in-law, and we took a train so that my son could finally ride on one. Very good pictures–I’ll try to post some tomorrow. Wife and I have been working on planning this Ireland trip. Can I just say that this whole weak dollar thing is just that? Weak. Totally weak. I’ve probably already complained about this, but allow me to vent yet again. No. Fun. What. So. Ever.


Anyway–my back hurts, and the chair I sit in to surf the net isn’t the most comfortable in the world. Maybe I’ll go upstairs and work on planning the book some more. I’ve got to a piece where what happens in the original version no longer really makes sense with the characters that are in the new version. It’s so strange. The actions made sense for the earlier characters, but the new ones have personalities. Things they will and won’t do. As I write, I realize that some just won’t stand to do certain things. The biggest troublespot for me right now is Jess, who in the original version was a princess and in the new one is an independant young woman who’s very insistent on being a part of things, something her earlier counterpart wasn’t too upset about. Hmm . . . maybe it’s hard to describe. Anyway–it’s forcing me to plan and plot more than I thought I’d have to. But the book shall be better for it.

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