Just How Much Snow is Up Here in Maine?

I’ve talked with a number of you online or over the phone, and it seems many people outside of the state are wondering how much snow I’ve gotten up here in Maine. I don’t watch national news, so have there been reports Maine got buried?

We kind of have . . .

But how much snow do I have specifically? That’s hard to tell. My house is in a spot where the wind blows a lot. This means I get plenty of places with huge drifts and plenty of places where I can see bare ground. (One of these bare ground places is right on part of my driveway, which is always a perk when I have to clear it after a storm.) So I can’t say exactly how much snow I have. Parts of my lawn are easily five feet. Parts are probably only a foot or so. Overall, I’d guess there’s about three feet out there, and more is falling down now.

Last week the kids had a late start, an early dismissal, and a complete snow day. Today is another snow day, as we’re in the middle of a blizzard. Another foot or more is forecast for Wednesday into Thursday. The storms just seem to have lined up and are pouring in, one after the other. It reminds me of my first winter in Maine. Back then, I didn’t have a snow blower. That made life much more difficult. (Although the other day, my snow blower about died, which sent me into a panic. It had a bunch of frozen slush inside it, and I hadn’t realized that and tried to start it. That didn’t go well on the engine. I used a hair dryer on the thing and brought it back to normal, thankfully.)

Really, I love snow, and the more the merrier, as far as I’m concerned. We have a shed full of wood and a wood stove able to heat our house on its own, so I don’t have to worry about losing power. But I do worry about some places in the area losing power. Not everyone has that stove and that wood. So I’m very much anti-power loss. But as long as the snow stays light and fluffy, it works out okay.

Though the kids might be in school until July . . .

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