Kitchen Renovation 2021: The Saga Continues

Any keen-eyed followers of my blog would remember the plan was to start our kitchen renovation at long last at the beginning of August. And while it’s true I’ve taken some days off the blog here and there (due to camping, traveling, and work), there have been no “The renovation is starting” posts. Sadly, that’s not because I haven’t had time to write that post.

It’s because the renovation hasn’t started.

A month and a half ago, our cabinet company called to say our cabinets were going to be delayed past their August 3rd delivery date. No biggie, I thought to myself. We weren’t going to need them right away, anyway. And then I promptly stopped thinking about it, because I’ve had a million other things to think about that seemed more important than “when will the cabinets really be delivered?”

But then we were at the end of July, and I realized we really needed to have a firm date. The renovation was about to start, and they’d never called us back. When we called to inquire when the cabinets would appear, the answer was “We don’t know.” Apparently our wood had been backordered, and they just didn’t have any available. They had no clue when they would have it available, either. Our options were to pick out a new wood, or wait for who-knew-how-long.

So Denisa and I got in the car and drove back to Augusta for our fourth “Cabinet Reconnaissance” trip. (This being right after I got back from Utah, on the one free night I had before I had to leave for Machias. I was thrilled.) Four hours later, we’d picked out not just the new cabinet wood and stain, but investigated our flooring options as well. (What can I say? I lead a glamorous life.) We called our cabinet guy and made the switch. He promised the order would be rushed through.

And indeed, the next day the cabinet company called with our delivery date: October 5th. October 5th? I called back to see if their definition of “rushed through” was really as far off from mine as it seemed. Yes, October 5th. But our original wood choice was back in stock! Would we like to go with the original? We did not. The one good thing to come out of all of this is that I think we’ll be happier with our new color and wood than we would have been with our first choice.

So we called our contractor. Thankfully, he was able to shift his work schedule around to fit us in in mid-September. When the kitchen renovation will start. It better. We have about 20 cabinets coming to our house one way or the other, and we’re really going to have to put them somewhere, you know? And if we start any later, then we’re doing it when it starts to get really cold. Which we don’t want to do . . .

Here’s hoping it’s smooth sailing from here on out.


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