Late Post

Sorry for the late post today. And I don’t even have a good excuse. I stayed home from work to go skiing–but then it was 0 degrees outside. -16 with the wind chill. DKC and I were planning on taking TRC for his first ski experience, and we just didn’t think that his first time should be in sub-zero temperatures. The goal is to get him to go again, after all. So we stayed home, made pancakes and brownies and went and bought a live Christmas tree for the entryway. I have no idea how much trees are elsewhere, but we got a nice five footer for fifteen bucks, which I felt very happy with. Didn’t need a taller one–we were looking for something very specific.

My surround sound system was supposed to come today. According to FedEx, it’s still supposed to come. But something tells me it won’t. Maybe it’s the fact that on the tracking page, it still hasn’t been confirmed as having left California. Something smells fishy . . . Sigh.

Watched Tropic Thunder over the weekend, which I enjoyed. Very nice roast of Hollywood, with great performances by all involved. Of course, it’s also tremendously bloody and full of less than favorable language. Not for the faint of heart. Still, if that doesn’t turn you off right there, you’ve got a three star experience waiting for you. Seeing Robert Downey, Jr. do blackface is pretty much worth it alone. Tom Cruise making fun of himself is just icing.

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