Lawn Mowing for the Criminally Lazy

Allow me to set the scene. You’ve got around an acre and a half of property. Some of it’s covered in grass. Some of it has trees. But there’s a big stretch of it right along the road that’s just a total pain to take care of. The hill is steep there, and it’s just completely overgrown.

You might be tempted to do something with it. Maybe plant something there. Some flowers, perhaps. Or you could try to force yourself to take care of it anyway. Mow it the same way you mow the rest of your yard.

Those are rookie mistakes, people.

A true professional just lets it sit there, year after year, catching all sorts of dirt and sand and salt from the road as layer upon layer of underbrush and weeds grow, thrive, and die there. Yes, it doesn’t look great. Stay strong. Ignore it.

Wait ten years.

And then, one magical morning, the town will come along with a huge digger and just scoop all that crud up when they dig a new drainage ditch.

On that halcyon morning, when that happens, won’t you be glad you didn’t plant anything useful there? Won’t you feel like a genius for just being lazy?

Yes. Yes you will.

So just remember, folks. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to go through a lot of work to get something done. Sometimes it pays to just do nothing at all.


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