Lightning (Hopefully) Only Strikes Once

I was away in Newport on Sunday, attending a different congregation, and I got a text from Denisa.

“We came home from church, and half the power is out.”

That’s a first for me. I’ve had all the power out plenty of time, but some of the outlets were working, the rest weren’t, and the appliances were all making strange buzzing noises. Not a good thing. She reset the breakers, but that didn’t do anything, so she called the neighbors to see if something had happened.

Apparently while we were all at church, lightning had stuck someplace close by. Like, “sparks coming out of the outlets” close by. It played havoc with all of our electronics. Killed a window fan. The electric company came over and got the street patched up, and most things are working again now. My theory is it hit a telephone wire or something, though, since it totally blew out our modem and our phone, which weren’t on surge protectors.

We’ve called our ISP, and they’re sending a new modem. I’m hoping the wiring itself is okay. We were without internet yesterday and today and at least through tomorrow. The kids . . . they are restless. You don’t want to get between a 5 year old and her Netflix addiction.

Speaking from personal experience.

Of course, I figured that was the extent of it, but when I came over to the library today, the same storm had knocked out the electrical system over here, leaving us without AC. It’s not sweltering outside, but it’s still stuffier in here than I’d like.

First world problems.

Glad our house is more or less okay, and everything should be back to normal soon.


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