Move Review: Son of Rambow

Okay–highly irritated here. I just finished writing up my review of Son of Rambow, and LJ ate it. Sigh. Here’s the basics: the movie is about Will and Lee. Will’s a sheltered religious boy who’s never watched any television or movies–until he meets Lee, a troublemaker at school. The first film Will watches is Rambo: First Blood, and he’s totally entranced. He decides to make a sequel with Lee, entitled Son of Rambow. Cool hijinks ensue. The film’s like Napoleon Dynamite meets Stand By Me, and I highly recommend it. Three stars–maybe even three and a half. My original review was much better than this. Please judge this post accordingly.

PS–Becky–your current Rambofest inspired me to watch this movie. You especially should watch this. 🙂

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