Movie Review: Avatar

Sorry to be getting to this one so late. I mean, if you wanted to see Avatar, you’ve likely already seen it. If you didn’t want to see it, then nothing I say will likely persuade you. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience–especially since it cost me $3.50 to watch it in 3D. (3D in my little town?!? How cool is that?) No, the story isn’t the most original piece of work you’ve ever seen, and yes, it’s fairly predictable. But you know what? Sometimes, a bit of predictable is okay. I like routine. And in this instance, I’d actually say that predictable worked in the film’s favor. It wasn’t trying to be the Best Picture of the Century (well, maybe it was)–its strength was in the visuals and the 3D. Complaining that the story wasn’t riveting would be sort of like going to see the latest French foreign drama and complaining that there weren’t enough explosions. Avatar blew me away with the 3D. I completely forgot what parts were digital, and what parts weren’t. After I had seen it, it felt like I had actually experienced it, if that makes sense. Immersive. For that alone, it’s worth checking out.

That said, it is very much a sci-fi film, with lots of different characters, lots of different settings, lots of different everything. If sci-fi isn’t your bag, you might not like it. Although again, I’d recommend seeing it just for the 3D.

Three and a half stars, for me.

PS–Netflix, I’m resubscribing to you. Please send me a blu-ray ASAP.

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