Movie Review: Kelly’s Heroes–Clint Eastwood + War Movie + Heist Film = Awesome

Kelly's HeroesI had a half day yesterday due to the blizzard we weren’t supposed to get (2 inches of forecast snow turned into a good ten or more inches, plus gusts up to 40mph–the weather people responded by saying, “Oops.”). So Denisa and I took advantage of a slow Wednesday to watch Kelly’s Heroes. I had to do some cajoling to get her to go along for the ride, a process which had been made more difficult by her failure to be impressed with Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (a movie I absolutely adored–four stars and perfect in every way, if you’re me. If you’re Denisa, it’s a lame mishmash of video game references and special effects. But come on–how can you not love a movie that was thought up as a musical, but instead of the characters breaking into song and dance numbers, they break into fights. Awesome!). Then again, she had gotten us to watch Young Sherlock Holmes, which was kind of lame (more like 1.5 to 2 stars), so in the end, Kelly’s Heroes won out.

Very glad it did. Take The Dirty Dozen, add in some Ocean’s 11 and a dash of The Italian Job, and then let it stew with A Bridge Too Far for a while, and you end up with Kelly’s Heroes. It’s a war heist movie, where Clint Eastwood leads a rag tag team of US soldiers to go steal 16 million in Nazi gold from a French bank behind German lines. Donald Sutherland, Eastwood, and Telly Savalas do a great job mixing action and comedy, and it’s 2.5 hours of good zany fun. Denisa thoroughly enjoyed herself, too.

If you haven’t seen this one, stream it on Netflix tonight. It’s even in HD, so it looks great. Not to be missed. Anyone else out there with me on this one? Speak up!

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Kelly’s Heroes–Clint Eastwood + War Movie + Heist Film = Awesome”

  1. We just saw Scott Pilgrim last night – I LOVED it. So original!! I might be very tempted to own it if it weren’t for SP’s roommate.

  2. I thought the roomie was a pretty good running gag–even wondered if he was going to seduce the last ex, and that would be how Scott won (since Gideon the last ex had glasses and all . . . )

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