Movie Reviews from the Sick Bed

I haven’t been seriously sick since October. It’s been a good run, but that run’s at an end now, alas. I’ve been in bed for the past three days. Yuck. But that also means I’ve had the time to watch some movies! So lucky for you, here’s a couple reviews for a snowy (in Maine) Monday.

The Drop tells the story of a bartender caught in the middle of a robbery on his bar. Some unsavory types are circling around, trying to see if they can’t take them for all they’ve got, and his mafia bosses aren’t buying it. It’s a gritty movie, starring Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace, and James Gandolfini (in his final role–he died a month after shooting wrapped). Overall, I enjoyed it. It’s a bit slow in places, but it builds tension and mystery quite well, and the plot took some unexpected turns. Well acted, too. 4/5, but fairly bloody.

Hair, by director Milos Forman, was a fair bit different. I’d heard a lot about the musical over the years, and figured I’d give this one a shot. From a plot perspective, it leaves a fair bit to be desired. “Pretty trippy” is how I described it to Denisa after I’d finished it, though the end comes together quite nicely. I just wish there seemed to be more holding the different songs together than what’s here, though from what I’ve read, the actual musical is quite different than this. Still, Forman directed Amadeus and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, both fantastic films, and there’s enough to like in this movie for me to give it a 3/5. Though maybe that’s the cold medicine talking? I liked the music.

Falcon Rising was just plain awful. It’s an action movie that takes place in Brazil, but it ended up being a waste of time. The acting was abysmal, and the action scenes were few and far between. When they finally strolled around, they left a fair bit to be desired. Just a disappointment all around. I probably wouldn’t have finished watching it if I wasn’t lying in bed, sick as a dog. 1/5. Avoid.

The day is still young. Who knows what I’ll watch next . . .

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