Must-See Christmas Movie: Christmas in Connecticut

Christmas in ConnecticutI don’t know if I’ve just lived my life under a rock for the past thirty some odd years, or if many people find themselves in this situation, but I had somehow managed to not see Christmas in Connecticut until last night. The 1945 film stars Barbara Stanwyck as a Martha Stewart of her time–except she’s fictionalized her entire life. She writes about all the great food she bakes (she can’t bake), the great house she has (she has an apartment), her doting husband and baby (she’s single)–and the public eats it up. She’s one of the most successful columnists in the country. Naturally, hijinks must ensue. Her publisher is completely unaware that she has fabricated all of this–and he values Truth highly. When a soldier asks to come for Christmas dinner to Stanwyck’s house, the publisher insists she accommodate the request. Easy enough–she just has to learn to cook, find a idyllic farm, a husband and a baby in all of a few days.

As far as Christmas movies go, this isn’t heavy on the Christmas. I mean, there’s no Message about how great Christmas is or what it really means. It just happens to take place at Christmas time. That said, the holiday does play a pretty major role, and I can see why it’s appeared on so many “Best Christmas Movies” lists. Denisa and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Alas, it’s not available on streaming–you actually have to get the DVD–but it’s well worth it. Three and a half stars, easy.

So now the question–how many of you already have seen this movie, and are appalled that it’s taken me this long to “discover” it? This is a win/win for me–I really want people to have seen the film, because it’s just that good. If you all already have, then great. If you haven’t, then I can feel good about having recommended it to you. 🙂

While I’m at it, what movies do you consider obscure Christmas classics? I think we all know about Christmas Story, Christmas Carol (in all its flavors), Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas, Holiday Inn, Christmas Vacation–what are some obscure ones you like, that most people have overlooked? I might have to do a separate blog post on Christmas movies, actually . . .

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