My “I Don’t Care about the Grammys” Post

I used to watch the Grammys every year. I remember always enjoying it growing up, but somewhere along the way, I just . . . stopped. It wasn’t a conscious decision I made one year. I think it just gradually trailed away. I’d forget they were on, or I’d tune in late. I’d catch highlights on YouTube, if I heard something was particularly interesting.

And now? I just don’t really care one way or the other. This despite the fact that I really enjoy the Oscars and Tonys and Emmys each year. The biggest difference is that I’m heavily invested in film and television, and quite invested in musicals, but when it comes to popular music, I’ve pretty much given up. My kids will talk about different singers or groups, and I’ll recognize a few of the names, but I generally have no idea what genre they’re in, let alone what their songs sound like.

I used to stay connected at least a little, since I’d listen to the radio, but now that I have Apple Music, I can listen to just about anything I want, and that definitely isn’t anything contemporary. Though at the same time, I love music. I took a class on composition last year, and this year a class on the history of jazz. I like listening to different kinds of music, so why do I just not care at all about anything newer than 2010, give or take? The closest I’ve come to caring is when I’ve watched American Idol now and then, but even with that, as soon as the winners were announced and started making new songs of their own, I found myself not really liking any of them.

I suppose this is just part of the inevitable slide into yelling at kids to stay off my lawn. But then again, there are so many different things out there to listen to. I guess when it comes to this one area of pop culture, I’ve just decided not to bother caring about it all that much.

I remember watching the show when I was in high school. My grandfather was in the room, and Aerosmith was singing Dream On, as I recall. He was fairly horrified, wondering why in the world anyone would want to listen to something like that. I was horrified in return, wondering how in the world anyone could dislike Dream On. And each time I think of the fact that I’ve stopped caring about new music, I remember that discussion with my grandfather, and it’s unsettling.

I did look at the list of nominees and winners this morning, and I realized there were some on there that I still recognize. When did ABBA release a new record? Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga are performing together? Norah Jones had another album? AC/DC?? Paul McCartney?? I read those, and I wonder if maybe I should be giving new music another shot . . .

Though I don’t know that I’ll ever find the time.


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