New Nominee for Worst Day of My Life

So. The good news is that the plumbing in my house is now redone, and my basement has been lined with plastic (more or less). It took from 8 until 2 for the basement part, and until later for the plumbing to get finished. And the plasticking was just about as bad as I thought it would be. (There were places where the clearance must have been about eighteen inches or less. I didn’t measure.) I had a few mild panic attacks, and my knees are still killing me, but it all got done. On the plus side, TRC came down to help me, and he did just a fantastic job. He crawled anywhere I asked him to, regardless of how tight the space or how many cobwebs were in the way. The kid was covered in spiders by the end of the morning, but he was really proud of himself–and he had every right to be. A total trooper.

And if that’s all that had happened on Saturday, it would have been actually a pretty decent day. The job–while awful–was Done.

But at 2:30, I got a migraine. The worst migraine I’ve ever had in my life. My migraines are full-blown affairs. Visual hallucinations, projectile vomiting, skull-drilling pain–the whole affair. This time, both my arms and my lips went completely numb (and my lips are actually still a bit numb). I usually can fall asleep, and that breaks me out of it. I couldn’t fall asleep for five or six hours this time. It. Was. Awful. I thought I might be dying.

So when you pair that up with the yuck from working in the basement, you end up with a pretty crummy day. Still, there’s the silver lining that TRC did such a good job, that I’m done with the job and don’t have to do it again, and that I lost 4.5 pounds in one day. ๐Ÿ™‚ Always try to look on the bright side, right?

For future reference, I made some poor life decisions in preparing for the day. Like worrying about the project too much in advance. And staying up until 2AM the night before watching the BYU/Utah State Game. And only eating breakfast at 7:30 and then nothing else the rest of the day. And allowing myself to panic too much during the project.

Yeah–there are things I’d do differently, that’s for sure. But it’s done now, and thank goodness. In two weeks, they come to insulate the basement. Hallelujah–I don’t have to go down there to do it myself. Money well spent.

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