Nothing Happening, Despite the High Level of Busy

Seinfeld - The Complete SeriesI took a fairly impromptu trip to New Hampshire last weekend, taking the family down to visit with my mother while she went to a knitting conference. No–I didn’t attend said knitting conference. I swam in the pool and lolled in front of the air conditioner. Maine’s been awfully hot and humid lately (complained the Mainer, who knows some of his readers are down south, where temperatures in the 90s sound blissfully cool to them), and so it was nice to get away for a few days and relax.

So what else have I been up to?

Not a whole lot, I suppose. Watching some movies (and way too much Buffy–approaching the end of season 4 now, a season which is looking to be my favorite so far), writing, reading, playing on my iPad . . .

Random thought: Why is it that when people ask what I’ve been up to, I inevitably tell them what I’ve been doing in my spare time, despite the fact that that accounts for less than a third of what I actually have been up to? I mean, I’ve been sleeping for a good 7 hours a night every night, but I never mention that. I’ve been working for 8 hours every day. Doing Mormon church duties for a good 7-10 hours a week, but both of those get glossed over with a “not much” summary, as well. Maybe it’s because I assume that since most of you aren’t involved in my work or my church life, telling you about those things would be boring. I mean, do you really want to know the ins and outs of tech blogs, cataloging, weeding, brochure making what not that goes on at my job? (If so, why aren’t you reading my library blog?) Or do you want your eyeballs riveted to the screen by the at times interminably long emails and meetings involved with church stuff? (Answer–no. You don’t. Trust me.)

So I end up saying not much is going on, even though I feel very busy. Which leads me to why I chose Seinfeld for my pic for this post–because it’s a show that proved so much could happen in between the seeming nothing that goes on in our lives. Anyone else get to feeling this way, or am I alone on this one?

But I am busy, no doubt about it. Which is why I must leave you now to resume my daily activities. Happy Monday, all. Hope it’s a good one.

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