Off to the Louisiana Book Festival

I’m leaving in a few hours to head off to Baton Rouge. I’ve been invited to present at the Louisiana Book Festival, which runs all day tomorrow. As I’ve been looking into it, I discovered that there’s a whole application process to get your book featured at the festival. This is definitely one big advantage of having a traditional publisher. I didn’t do any of the work involved in submitting my book (and knowing I could submit it in the first place), and Sourcebooks is covering my trip costs, as well.

Of course, as is typical for me, the closer I get to an actual plane ride, the less I want to get on the plane. This trip’s going to be especially quick, as I’m flying out this afternoon at 4pm and arriving back in Portland on Sunday at 5:30pm. I essentially land, go to my hotel, get up, go present at 9:15am, have a book signing after that, and then check out the rest of the festival before going home Sunday morning.

That said, if you’re in the area of Baton Rouge tomorrow (as I’m sure you all are), and you’d like to come say hi, I’ll be presenting on “Ain’t Misbehaving: Young Adult Tales from Jazz-Age New Orleans” at 9:15 on the fifth floor of the state library. My signing will be at 10:15 in the book tent. So come on out and hear about the writing and researching process for Don’t Go to Sleep. Or just heckle me from the audience. That’s always an option.

I’m actually very interested in going to see this first hand, as I’m always up for more ideas for what libraries in Maine could be up to. This book festival draws around 200 authors a year. I want to see how it runs. If possible, it would be lovely to replicate something like it in Maine.

In any case, I’m off! You can follow along with all the excitement on Facebook. Here’s hoping the trip is smooth. (Knock on wood.)


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