Nothing against the state, but I’m really glad I’m not there today. On the other hand, I’m very pleased that Dish just added CNN, USA and the SciFi channel in high def. So I can watch election results and count the pores on Wolf Blitzer’s nose. Because hey–those results shows can get pretty boring after a while.

Yesterday I took my son to the local theater to see Horton Hears a Who. I really enjoyed the time with him, and the movie could have been a lot worse. My only gripe is that the conflict between Horton and Carol Burnett–I mean the kangaroo–was really forced. Sure it’s a kid’s movie, but come on. You’re going to say that the only reason there’s conflict there at all is because the kangaroo is naturally bossy? And . . . oh never mind.

Also watched Liar Liar with the wife last night–two Jim Carrey movies in one day. What have I come to? And again, aside from the forced “message” ending (lying is bad. I get it already), I enjoyed it. Watching someone go through his day being forced to tell the truth about everything–and making an ass out of himself while doing it–is fun. Normally I’m not a fan of movies where the main character does stupid things. I feel too bad for them. But when the main character is Jim Carrey . . . Well, I must be immune to feeling pity for the man.

And in my third film update, I watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind with my wife a few days ago. It’s been forever since I saw this movie, and I’m happy to say it held up well. I enjoyed it more this time than the last, probably because the last time I was too young to figure out why Richard Dreyfuss kept playing with his mashed potatoes. In general, I’m a fan of well done space movies, and this one certainly fits the bill.

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