Plasma Car: Awesome Toy for Kids 3 to 12 (or Higher)

It’s been a while since I did a toy review, but I realized yesterday that there was this toy both of my kids adore, as well as pretty much any kid who ever comes to visit. And I’m not above plugging things that might bring other kids the same amount of pleasure. The toy in question?

The Plasma Car.

I have no idea how this little thing works. It looks like your typical little car. One kids sit on and pretend to drive around. But if you steer it from side to side, demons appear and push the car forward. Okay. Maybe not demons. Gremlins, perhaps. Or ghosts from the great beyond. Or maybe just physics. It’s certainly not batteries or pedals.

Whatever it is, it’s awesome. And can we say weight capacity of 220 pounds? I can ride this thing, folks. TRC and DC regularly ride on it together.

Look at that video. You can practically see the demons gremlins pushing that woman. I think it safe to say that if someone took a Plasma Car back to the Middle Ages, they’d last all of two seconds before they were burned at the closest stake.

My kids typically ride it in a circuit around the perimeter of the kitchen. (These days, they like to pretend they’re playing MarioKart while doing this. No banana peels have been thrown. Yet. But I can’t vouch for the safety of any pet turtles friends might bring to the house.)

Some disclaimers for those of you interested. First up, they really work best on hard, flat surfaces. Tile. Wood. Carpet? Not so much. Second, they might scratch your floors. We don’t mind–we just have the kids drive on places that either don’t scratch, or it doesn’t matter. But if spotless hardwood floors are what you want, this might be your enemy.

That said, TRC and DC have been playing with their Plasma Car for something like 2 years now, I believe. It’s a toy that still sees regular use by both of them, and you just don’t find toys like that every day. So if you haven’t already heard of the Plasma Car, allow me to officially give it the Bryce Seal of Approval, and recommend you check one out for your kids soon.

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