Pupper Update: Groundhog Edition

It’s been a bit since I’ve dropped in to say how the puppers is doing, and today’s been a busy morning already (on what I had planned as a day off), so I thought now might be a good time to do that.

Ferris is now over 7 months old. By and large, he’s doing great. On typical day, he gets up around 7 or 7:30 in the morning. Tomas and Daniela handled two days of that, Denisa handles one, and I typically handle Saturday. (Since I can’t seem to be able to sleep past 6:30 almost ever, no matter how hard I try these days.)

Mornings are usually the best time to be on Ferris detail. He has to be taken out a couple of times so he can take care of business, but other than that, he likes to lie around a lot and just relax. He has to, because he’s saving up energy to go crazy when the kids get home from school or ski practice. He likes all the kids, though he seems most partial to Daniela. (Which might or might not have something to do with her propensity to be a bit more liberal in the treat department. With think he’s named her “Treat Girl” as a result.)

MC and he get along great most of the time, except when he’s just too rambunctious. At those points, it’s hard for a 7 year old to contain a dog who’s about as big as she is. (Our best guess at his name for MC is “Squeaker.”) But they like to go outside and play together, and he loves going on runs with the other kids. (His favorite thing to do is to get the leash tangled around his legs, so that someone has to go out into the snow to rescue him. We’re working on kicking him from that habit.)

There are times when he can be very attention-hungry. He has a few toys that he likes people to play with with him. A couple of ropes. A stuffed shark (that he just killed yesterday). Many tennis balls. And if you aren’t playing with him when he thinks you should be, then you might have a pretty tough slog to convince him otherwise.

All told, we’re still very glad we got him. (Even more important now, since our last Degu (Shooting Star) passed away from old age on Saturday. That was a doozy of a morning, but it really helped the kids to have Ferris around to play with to soften the blow. I just looked over at my post from when Shadow died. Hard to believe that was 15 months ago. Shooting Star lived a lot longer than I thought she would. Nine years! She was a good pet, and poor MC was heartbroken Saturday.)

Ferris does a great job of getting people out of the house and moving. True, people don’t always want to go out of the house, but he doesn’t let that keep him down. He also is Not a Fan of watching anything on television. He just doesn’t understand why in the world we’d all want to sit in a dark room when we could be pulling ropes or gnawing the faces off of sharks.

He goes to bed each night at 8:30 and still sleeps in his cage, though we’re debating freeing him up more at night at some point. We’ve also left him alone during the day for a few hours at a stretch. So far, so good.

And with that, someone’s demanding to go for a walk. Have to run!


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