Revisiting My Rewatch of The Wire

At my university this year, there’s a special program starting up: The New Commons Project. (I blogged about it previously here.) After a long nominations and selection process, they’ve picked 12 works that are vital to today, for a variety of reasons. It’s a cool project, and I’ve been happy to play a part in it. It’s led by a group of very dedicated people, and they’ve been a ton of fun to work with.

Better yet, they’re leading off with my favorite television show of all time: The Wire.

To make things easier for anyone who might be watching The Wire as part of this program, I’m presenting you here with every episode review I did of the show, back when I was rewatching it a few years ago. I go into great detail about why the show’s so excellent, and why I feel it’s an important one for people to watch. It continues to inform my world view today, causing me to understand how our society works in a way I didn’t before watching the show.

It’s a dark show, and very adult. Full of good and bad people doing good and bad things. Sometimes the good people are doing the bad things, and sometimes the bad people are doing the good things. But that’s how life is. (Really, I have to stop here. It’s waaaaay too easy for me to go on and on about this show.)

In any case, to those of you about to binge, I salute you!

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five


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