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The time has come for another year of early morning seminary. Those who were with me last year will remember I was running the seminary car pool some of the time, bringing teens to seminary at 6 in the morning, using that captive time to enlighten their musical tastes with all manner of wonderful song selections.

Well . . . I’ve got bad news for those of you who were fans of the morning reviews each day. I’ve been forced to discontinue the practice. Not because of any protest, but rather because there’s no longer a logical way for me to keep the car pool going.

Denisa’s been called as the seminary teacher, and so that means seminary is now at my house each morning at 6:15. And while I loved the car pool, I didn’t love it to the point that I’m going to drive around and start picking kids up so I can bring them back to my house. There’s a limit to what I’ll do for good music, it appears.

What does having seminary at our house mean? For Denisa, it means in addition to the 3.5 college courses she’s teaching this semester, she’ll also be teaching a 50 minute class Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to seven 14-18 year olds. This year the focus starts out on the Old Testament for a bit, shifts to some of the New Testament, and then in January moves over to the Book of Mormon. In Utah and other places with a large Latter-day Saint population, Seminary is often an actual class students take during their school day. Teachers are paid. Out here in Maine, it’s a volunteer assignment. (Ponder that oxymoron for a while, but not too long.)

I’ll be leaving home a bit later than I usually do for work, so that I can be there while Seminary is going. This morning, that meant I woke up earlier, had breakfast, and then worked on my writing first thing in the morning. Actually it was quite lovely to be all done with writing so soon. If I can stick to that schedule, that could be great. On the other hand, it also means that my lovely “caught up on sleep” feeling from a few days ago last all of . . . one morning. Such is life. We’ll be trying to alter our schedules to accommodate the early mornings.

In any case, if you notice Denisa, me, or Tomas looking a little bleary eyed over the next while, now you know why. Wish all of us (and especially Denisa) luck!


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