The Best Constellation Helper Ever

We’ve been tearing down the awful insulation job our last contractor left us with last year, in preparation for one that actually won’t rot our roof in a year or three. It’s a messy, miserable job, made worse by the fact that it’s really hot up here in Maine right now. (Seriously, Maine? It’s September, and I don’t live in Arizona.)

Add to that the fact that Denisa is teaching in the afternoons and Tomas is sick, and I’ve been on my own for two of the three days. Or I would have been. That’s what I’d expected. Who else would help me, after all?

DC to the rescue.

I mentioned to her on Tuesday that I was heading up to work on it, and off I went. Fifteen minutes later, she magically appeared, ready and willing to help. This was a pretty new sensation for me. Tomas can be very helpful when he’s properly persuaded, but I can’t remember the last time he just came and willingly enlisted for a job. I raised my eyebrows at DC. “Really?” I asked.

She nodded. I put her to work gathering up the bits and pieces of insulation strewn everywhere as I ripped it down. I didn’t expect her to last very long. Again, it’s a miserable, thankless job. But she lasted the whole time. And she signed up again for it Wednesday, and again yesterday.

Even more surprising, she didn’t seem to mind the work at all. She happily chatted with me as we worked, talking about the insulation (or “constellation,” as she kept calling it), and trying to decide if it looked more like pink fluff or cotton candy. (Verdict? Cotton candy. “Most of the time.”) We discussed potential uses for the space we’re finishing off, and what we should ultimately call it. (“The loft” won out over “the other upstairs.”)

I know a lot of the time Tomas ends up getting a fair bit of attention on this blog, mainly because he’s older and has been more involved in various endeavors, but I wanted to be sure to take a minute and recognize what a wonderful daughter I’ve somehow ended up with. She made what should have been a real pain into a fun experience, and that takes real talent.

Thank you, DC!


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