The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Back at Thanksgiving when we were at Disney, MC got sick on the plane ride down, or soon thereafter. She gave that sickness to Denisa, who passed it on to the kids on the plane ride back. They then gave it to me, so it had officially made its way through the whole family. Fine. Not fun, but fine.

Except MC got it from me. And she gave it back to Tomas, who passed it over to Daniela, who gave it back to me. And then Denisa got it again, and I have it again now.

Seriously. Since Thanksgiving, there has always been someone sick in my family. I’d really like that to stop, but for today, I’m just lying in bed and being miserable.

So to entertain you, here’s my kids’ current favorite YouTube video. Once it goes in your head, it doesn’t come out.

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