The Perfect Place to Die: Cover Reveal!

When does it start to feel like publishing a book is going to become a reality? Definitely when the book finally has a cover. Before that, it all feels like a big abstract exercise. You work on editing and bounce ideas back and forth, but there’s something about seeing the cover all come together that makes everything click into place, right?

People, I have a book coming out in August. How do I know? Because I’ve got a cover to prove it!

THE PERFECT PLACE TO DIE is YA horror/thriller. So this is definitely not in the same vein as either of my previous books, outside of the audience. How’s it being described? Here’s what’s on the back:

Stalking Jack the Ripper meets Devil in the White City. In order to save her sister, Zuretta takes a job at a notorious house of horrors–but she might never escape.

Seventeen-year-old Zuretta had resigned herself to a quiet life in Utah. But when her younger sister, Ruby, travels to Chicago during the World’s Fair, and disappears, Zuretta leaves home to find her.

But Chicago is more dangerous and chaotic than she imagined. She doesn’t know where to start until she learns of her sister’s last place of employment…a mysterious hotel known as The Castle.

Zuretta takes a job there hoping to learn more. And before long she realizes the hotel isn’t what it seems. Women disappear at an alarming rate, she hears crying from the walls, and terrifying whispers follow her at night. In the end, she finds herself up against one of the most infamous mass murderers in American history—and his custom-built death trap.

And with a plot like that, what better way to introduce it than a cover like this?

It’s up on Goodreads now if you want to add it to your reading lists. I can’t wait for you all to read it!


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