These Wood Stoves . . .

Are making me crazy. DKC and I are in the market for a new one. The one we have is an old Ashley, and it burns through wood like I’d go through brownies if calories were not an issue. Add to this the fact that we just don’t like how it looks (it’s encased in a big gray box, which is pretty darn ugly) and the fact that the government is giving us up to 30% off a new one (if we get a fancy pants high efficiency model), and it’s clear that the time has come. A new wood stove would burn the wood longer, have a sweet window, look good–essentially be better both functionally and aesthetically. But which one to get?

They ain’t cheap: we’re looking at models that run from $2000-$3000, and that’s a chunk of change to lay down on anything. But over time–if it’s a good one–we’ll save that back based on wood conservation alone. But it’s gotta be a good one. Right now, we’re looking at three models:

Jodel Firelight F600
Vermont Castings Defiant
Hearthstone Heritage

All have pros and cons. The firelight is made by a very reliable company, but the advertised burn time isn’t as long. The Vermont Castings looks great, but supposedly the company was bought out a year or two ago, and the quality might be questionable. The Hearthstone isn’t as big as we’d like, but it’s made out of soapstone, which is supposed to be a much more comfortable heat.

There’s no clear winner.

Good thing we have plenty of time to think about this before we make the purchase. Today, I’m leaning toward the Jodel. I hear a lot of good about that brand. But as always, I’m open to suggestions from anyone else.

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