Two More Great Vodnik Reviews

It’s been a while since I put up some more reviews of my book, Vodnik. Part of that’s due to the book receiving fewer as it gets closer to the anniversary of its release. And part of that is due to me just intending to post them, and then forgetting. Well today, I’m going to fix that. 🙂

First up is a review over on I Am, Therefore I Write. You can click over for the full review, but here are some snippets:

It’s set in Slovakia! There is little to no romance! There is an emphasis on family loyalty (but not TOO much family loyalty)! There are many mysteries that weave in and out of the story only to be RESOLVED at the end! It’s a standalone! . . .
Those are a few reasons of why Vodnik stood out as a special book, and of why I loved it. I gave Vodnik five out five stars for being a well-crafted, fleshed out story with loveable characters (even the murderous ones).

 Very nice to see the book so well received by complete strangers. 🙂

And on an “Also nice to see the book well received by friends” note, here’s what my bud Dan Nosheny had to say over on Amazon.

Unctuous elemental spirits, magical powers, and souls of bygone eras. Mash that together with teen angst, social issues, and as many pop culture references as you can fit in a teacup; well, that gives you an idea of what you have in store with Vodnik.

Bryce Moore has combined traditional Slovakian folklore with some clever new twists of his own and created a vibrant and rich world. The protagonist Tomas has more than his fair share of problems to deal with, of which the scar on his arm is just the beginning. There’s his uprooting from the United States to a new life in Slovakia, culture-shock, bigotry and racial violence, and deep family secrets. Then he has to deal with a supernatural spirit trying to take his soul, a complicated potion recipe, and making deals with Death, ahem, herself. Heavy stuff.

Fortunately, Moore is able to deliver with a modicum of humor in the form of references to the best pop-culture from western culture. It’s not all exotic and foreign here; fans of Star Wars and The Princess Bride will feel right at home.

Great pacing, intriguing mystery, and more than a few out-loud laughs. If this is what I can expect from Bryce Moore’s writing, I can’t wait for the next one.

Thanks, Dan! And you–yes you!–if you haven’t taken the time to share with the world your love of Vodnik, nothing says “Have a great Valentine’s Day, Bryce,” like posting a review to Amazon, Goodreads, or anywhere else you get your reading. (This also works as an excellent “Happy Late Groundhog Day, Bryce” present. Just sayin’.)

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