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Enough with dentists, right? Contrary to popular belief, I’m also doing other things over here in Slovakia. Like catching up on movies. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yesterday I watched two: Constantine and Pirates of the Caribbean 3. I actually enjoyed both of them. The first was one that I always wanted to get around to watching, but never had the chance. (As a side note, I find it interesting that it’s so acceptable in Hollywood to portray the Catholic Church as being true and effective against the power of evil. Not that I have anything against that, but why is it you never see Methodists battling the forces of darkness? Or Lutherans? Or Jehovah’s Witnesses? Amish vs. Demons–that could be a cool combo, but something tells me no one would believe it.) I give it three stars. Pirates 3 came out while my wife was finishing her thesis. A bad time for us, so I didn’t have a chance to see it in the theaters–especially since it had gotten such a poor reception from critics. Maybe it’s because my expectations were lowered, but I thought it was fun and exciting, if a tad long. Also three stars.

I also have been reading. The Life of Pi is a book I’ve been meaning to get around to for a long while, and again–I finally did. Well worth the wait. For those of you who don’t know, it’s about an Indian boy who gets stranded on a lifeboat with a Bengal Tiger. Literature–you could study this in college or high school. Very well written, and highly recommended. Three and a half stars out of four.

Writing’s back on track–I spent a lot of time yesterday (at the dentist’s) plotting out the revised version of the book, and I think I have all my ducks in a row now to chug through the book. We’ll see. Over 1,800 words today–in addition to everything else I did.

Took a trip to Uhrovec, a Kastiel that almost became my home three years ago. Long story. Not gonna share it. Pictures from the last few days are below the cut, including one of me with my friend Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn book in Czech. The guy’s really getting international now–go Brandon! Enjoy!

Swimming. This actually isn’t the picture I wanted to load, but I’m too lazy to go back and find the right one. That’s right. Lazy. You got a problem with that?

Here you go, Brandon. Proof your books are at least stocked internationally. Isaac, if you read this, they had your map and inside artwork, as well. Although they cut your signature some. Dirty rotten Czechs.

First train ride

Monkey in a tree

Uhrovec and wife

Sure is lovely here, ain’t it?

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  1. GREAT photos!
    Hi! Gretel told me you were writing in your blog, so I’ve been enjoying every entry! Photos are wonderful. Will be anxious to know status of Uhrovec. Finally doing photo shoot of kitchen tomorrow. Working in yard every day — getting pretty gorgeous! Wilson leaves Mon for Nauvoo. Have new DTC computer; old Gateway finally gave out. Daughter grown so much — son melts my heart, as always. Give family my love! Mom xoxox

  2. Life of Pi
    Wow, I hadn’t realized you hadn’t read Life of Pi – that’s probably in my top 3-4 books ever. I read it out loud to Will, also, and he enjoyed it, too. I just didn’t like having to say “tarpaulin” so many times. Where is the accent in that word, anyway? tar-PAUL-in, or TAR-paul-in? Drove me nuts.
    Is Pirates 3 good even if I hated Pirates 2? BTW, did I show you the “Ask a Ninja” episode reviewing Pirates 2? It actually made seeing Pirates 2 worth it, which still surprises me. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyway, glad things are going well with your writing and that you’re having a good time out there! Disappointed that niece did not feature in this post’s pics, though. More Niece!!
    Love, Gretel

  3. I’ve been on the lookout for others. That’s the only one I’ve found so far, but it seems Slovak bookstores are sort of anti-alphabet. Finding specific authors has been pretty much impossible. I’m still trying to figure out how they’re arranging things.

  4. Re: Life of Pi
    Niece doesn’t come on trips with us. I’ll try to take some pictures around the cottage in the next few days.
    Pirates 3 . . . if you hated Pirates 2 because it didn’t have an ending, then watch it. If Pirates 2 seemed to be too much fighting and not enough logical plot . . . you might as well stay away from the third. It’s eye candy, and fun and diverting, but high culture it ain’t. I liked the second, liked the third. I’ll buy the trilogy.

  5. Re: Life of Pi
    Good to know – could be worth getting at the library for free. I’ll go ahead and add it to my list. Maybe just the closure itself would help! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you get feeling better soon!

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