Four hours more, and I successfully completed the sound system install. And I saw that it was good. Stayed up past midnight watching Iron Man on my setup at last. Sweet. Nothing but positive things to say about my home theater rig. I think I’m finally at the point where I’d rather see a movie on my home theater than going to the real theater to see it. Well, for 95% of what’s out there, anyway. And for the 5% remaining stuff, it’s a crap shoot whether or not I’ll have a good experience at the theater. I mean, you never know if the noisy person, the kid who kicks your seat, or the cell phone talker’s going to be there or not, you know? At home, I have complete control. Me likes it.

And I got a half day today, which is also good–seeing as how otherwise I would have only had all of 5 hours of sleep. 🙂 Now I just have to decide if it’s worth it to shovel my driveway when I get home. It’s going to totally freeze tonight, but if it’s shoveled, then it’ll freeze to a slick sheet of ice. If it’s not shoveled, it’ll freeze to a tire track-riddled sheet of ice, which at least gives me some traction . . . we’ll see. Any suggestions?

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