Why I’m Busy Right Now

Rat Race : Widescreen Edition

Yet again, no time today for me to give you a quality blog post? Why not, you ask? Well, let me tell you. In the last three days I have:

  • Moved 46 boxes of new computers from one building to another
  • Taught 3 classes in addition to my normal library duties (8 hours of class time, plus prep.)
  • Worked for 16 hours on a Top Secret Project I hope to be able to unveil tomorrow. That’s personal hours, not work hours, since it’s a personal project.
  • Prepped for another 2 hour class I’m teaching tomorrow.

When all those extra things pop up, the rest of my life gets pretty darn hectic, and the blog just has to suffer for a bit. But rest assured, the Top Secret Project is worthwhile, and you shall (hopefully) be duly impressed. In the meantime, may you all have a day that goes to 11.

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