Why is it?

That when you get sick, and then start to get feeling better, you often end up sick again? Sigh. At least it’s not as sick as I had been. That’s something. And while I got another query rejection yesterday, my rewrite is going so well, it’s not even funny. I haven’t had this much fun writing since . . . Barboy, really. No–not even then. Since Parker. But this is more fun to write than Parker was, because I’m better at writing than I was then. So I guess that means I’ve never had this much fun writing. Period. That’s a good feeling. Of course, sometimes when you’re writing and feeling like you’re being especially clever, you’re being quite the opposite. But that’s what test readers are for.

You hear that, test readers? I’m gonna be needing some recruits in the not so distant future. At first just for the first few chapters, and then later on for the whole story. If you liked Parker or Barboy, you ought to like this. Parker’s a year older, meaning he can drive, work and generally just get into more trouble than his almost sixteen self could. Putting him in a McDonald’s uniform has been a lot of fun. Having him fight zombies . . . well, let’s just say that I’m looking forward to the experience.

You might wonder what the big difference is. Why is it that I’m having so much more fun with this? I’ve been thinking about that, too. The thing is, I haven’t let myself really go in quite some time. Ichabod’s a fairly straitlaced fellow, without a whole lot of sarcastic wit. Tomas (the main character from Vodnik) had quite a few psychological hang ups–and I kept trying to NOT write Parker with him. Barclay (aka Barboy) couldn’t make any pop culture references at all. If you know me, then you also know that a large chunk of the way I think is through pop culture. Take that away, and the tone just doesn’t work as well. Buttersby and Meander are alpacas. They have no clue about pop culture. With Parker, I was still writing just to write. Not trying to do this that or the other. Not trying to not write a certain way or style. Being able to go back to that has been refreshing and fun. Now, if I just had more time to do it . . .

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  1. So this is Parker the character in a contemporary setting with the Barboy magic stuff? Is that right?
    Either way, I’d like to read it when you’re ready.

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