WorldCon Panels–Come See Me in Chicago!

At the end of this month, I’ll be trekking out to Worldcon in Chicago. What is Worldcon? The World Science Fiction Convention. Tons of sci-fi/fantasy fans from all walks of life. Movies, television, writing–you name it. It’s not quite at the Comic Con level, but it’s up there.

I’ve been to it once before, when it was in LA a few years ago. (Has it really been six years? I think it might have . . . ) Back then, I carpooled out from Utah in a caravan. My car had Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Janci Patterson, and . . . Isaac Stewart? (If that’s the case, the car at the time had a 1 in 5 record for published authors. It’s now at a 5 for 5 stat, which is pretty darned encouraging, if I do say so myself. It’s great to take a step back and think about where we all were back then and where we are now. Dan was talking about a serial killer book on the ride down, as I recall. Brandon just had Mistborn books coming out. What a difference six years can make.)

In any event, this time, I won’t be carpooling. I’m flying. And where last time I was just trying to make some connections to get an “in” in publishing, this time I’m looking forward to being on some panels, eating with friends, and doing my best not to have Myke Cole snore me to death. (He’s been threatening. I’m loading up on ear plugs before I go, though.) I’ll be catching a Cubs game, even.

But wait–did you see that bit about being on panels? That’s right! I’m presenting on three, actually. Which is two more than I thought I’d hoped to be on. So that’s exciting. If you’re going to be in Chicago on Labor Day weekend and would like to see me, here’s my schedule:

Fri Aug 31 9:00:am Fri Aug 31 10:30:am Acquiring an Agent
Columbus KL Aspiring authors talk about landing an agent for their manuscript.
Bryce Moore Courtney Schafer J. Kathleen Cheney Joshua Bilmes R.T. Kaelin

Fri Aug 31 1:30:pm Fri Aug 31 3:00:pm Young Adult Trends
McCormick A look at the various current trends in the Young Adult book market, from the dystopias to paranormal romance.
Aurora Celeste Bryce Moore Emily Jiang Gwenda Bond Leigh Bardugo

Sun Sep 2 10:30:am Sun Sep 2 12:00:pm SF in Libraries Focus on Schools
Comiskey Science fiction is an area of increasing interest and activity for library collections. Discover what types of materials are being collected, how they are being used, and how they are exposing a new generation to science fiction.
Bryce Moore Greg Prickman James Bryant Maurine Starkey Peadar O Guilin

Sun Sep 2 12:30:pm Sun Sep 2 1:00:pm Reading: Bryce Moore
Bryce Moore

I’m excited for all of them. Joshua (my agent) is (fittingly) on the panel with me that’s about acquiring an agent. He’s absolutely terrific, and chock full of wisdom when it comes to the industry. I’ll be moderating the other two in addition to presenting. The reading? I’m kind of not sure how that will go . . . Let’s keep it real here. People aren’t coming to Chicago to find out what the next Bryce Moore books is going to be about. But I’ll try to read some from VODNIK or TARNHELM or even GET CUPID (tentative title of my YA Ocean’s Eleven book), depending on who’s in the audience (assuming anyone’s in the audience.)

Anyway–I’m really looking forward to the experience. Any of you out there planning on going? Let me know!

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