Yet Another Update in the Thrilling Saga of the Stairs

The stairs. The stairs! My life will be a better place once that staircase is finished, if for no other reason than the fact that I’ll no longer need to remember that I really ought to be working on them right now. A fact that I’m reminded of every time I come home and see that big gaping hole.

What’s happening with them? They’re all stained, all sanded, all polyurethaned up. The walls up are. The electricity has been wired. All that’s left is to

  • Cut and nail up the ceiling
  • Put in the risers
  • Put in the treads
  • Finish nailing the door frame
  • Poly the door frame
  • Put in the door
  • Put in the railing
  • Put in the light
  • Put in the light switches
Once that’s all done, we still need to finish last year’s project: scrape, sand and stain the two small sides of our garage. It sounds like a lot of work, but the end really IS in sight. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.
Has it been worth the time, trouble and expense? Well, hard to say at this point. I mean, the stairs aren’t even finished yet. Even once they’re done, they go . . . nowhere. The site of my future home office, my house’s second bathroom, a walk-in closet, master bedroom, and loft. (Note: those are not all the same thing.) When I keep that goal in mind, then yes, it feels very good. Progress is being made.
Of course, that’s like a 10 year goal. So . . . only nine years to go?
Here’s some pictures to satisfy your curiosity in the mean time. First, what it looked like before we touched anything:

First hole sawed out:

Hole totally sawed out:

The risers:

The walls up, the treads in temporarily:

3 thoughts on “Yet Another Update in the Thrilling Saga of the Stairs”

  1. Thanks! Status as of today:
    DONE–Cut and nail up the ceiling
    DONE–Put in the risers
    DONE–Put in the treads
    DONE–Finish nailing the door frame
    DONE–Poly the door frame
    Put in the door
    Put in the railing
    DONE–Put in the light
    DONE–Put in the light switches

    Also discovered I need to do the following:
    Put up trim on ceiling
    Put up trim on risers
    Insulate beneath stairs
    Frame beneath stairs

    Getting closer . . .

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