You Pay for Your Vacation

The longer you’re away from work, the more work you have when you get back. Sorry, folks. Not a lot of time to post today. I managed to get 700 words written yesterday and 500 today . . . but I’m fighting for that time to write now. I knew it would happen . . . but I miss being able to churn out 3000 or 4000 words in a day. Hopefully once things settle down, that’ll get better. In the meantime, what with work, church callings and house work, I’m a busy boy.

Oh–and speaking of paying. They filled up my heating oil today. Remember those halcyon days when heating oil was only $3.50 a gallon and we thought that was expensive? Yeah. Me, too. I paid $4.99 today. 108 gallons. You do the math. Not cool.

And since you’re not reading a long blog entry, maybe you have time for an interesting look at how search engines are affecting our society. I found it fascinating, but maybe that’s just because I’m a geeky tech librarian. No snide remarks, please.

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  1. Re: So…
    I can’t honestly remember. This was for about four months of heating oil. I’d estimate we’ll be paying about the same for every two months in the winter–maybe even every month if it gets really bad . . .

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