35% Off Vodnik + FREE SHIPPING! — Spread the Word!

Okay, folks. Let’s get real here. I’m all about saving money, and I’m also all about sharing the Vodnik love. You know Vodnik, right?

The multi-award winning, Slovak sensation? The one Kirkus Reviews called “a compelling fantasy adventure.” That Brandon Sanderson said was “compelling, interesting, and darkly humorous.” (Compelling is the word of the day, it seems.) That Dan Wells said was “a breath of fresh air in a very popular genre.” That VOYA said was “crammed with action and humor.”

Of course you know that book. I won’t shut up about it.

Today, I’m all about letting you know that for one week only, my publisher has decided to do a friends and family sale. 35% off their entire stock, and free shipping. No minimum purchase required.

My book? Normally $18.95 plus shipping? $12.32. Total. I’ve been watching the price, people. This is the all-time best price on this book ever. The lowest Amazon ever had it was 23% off, and you had to still pay shipping on top of that. Heck–even the crazy “Buy from Others on Amazon” people are charging more than this deal. And you’ll be getting a book that still has that “Fresh from the Publisher” smell. You know what I’m talking about.

And yeah, I’m sure you’re thinking, “But Bryce! I barely even know you! Shouldn’t a deal this awesome just be reserved for . . . you know. Your actual friends and family?” I thought the same thing. But I love you people. I love you people like a 90’s commercial. You know the one I’m talking about.

So if you’re reading this post, you’re officially one of my friends. It’s legit. I asked specifically to make sure–anybody who’s got the code is in. It’s like The Legend of Zelda, peeps. A secret to everybody.

Except I ain’t talkin’ ’bout no lousy 30 rupees. I’m talking about 35% off and free shipping.

So how do you get this awesomeness? You get it by going here, to the Tu Books and Lee & Low site. Add Vodnik (or any of Tu’s other awesome, award winning books) to your cart, check out (you’ll have to create an account for yourself–just put in a username, password, and email), and after you’ve entered your credit card info (but before you actually purchase the book), you’ll get a chance to put in a coupon code. The code? FAMILY. That’s right. You’re all not just friends, you’re family. (Unless you live outside the US. In that case, you’re FRIENDS. You don’t get the free international shipping. Sorry. But you do get the 35% off by for using FRIENDS as your code.)

Got that? FAMILY for free shipping and 35% in the US. FRIENDS for everyone else–just 35% off.


Beyond just buying the book, which I’m sure most of you have already done, and buying the book for every single person you know (which maybe some of you haven’t done yet), you can really help me out by sharing this sale with everybody and their brother. People on Facebook. Folks at church. Strangers on the street.

Remember: It’s a secret to everybody.

Might I make a suggestion? Tell your local librarian about the sale. Lee & Low is a well-respected publisher of multicultural books. They don’t do sales like this often. Heck–they’ve never done a sale like this since I’ve been following them. Libraries are all about pinching the pennies these days, and this is a perfect penny-pinching opportunity.

Public library, school library–tell ’em all.

Blog it, tweet it, tap it out in morse code–however you need or want to do it, share it on. The deal ends April 19th, so time is limited. People keep asking me if Vodnik will ever have a sequel. It all comes down to sales, folks. The book’s done alright for itself, but for sequels, we need to hit it out of the park. Sharing this sale with others . . . that’s how out-of-the-park hitting is done. Please help! And THANK YOU!

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