Adventures in Amoxicillin

The Exorcist (The Version You've Never Seen)We had some fun with projectile vomiting today. TRC stayed home. He has strep throat. He’s on the pink stuff* now, and he’s feeling quite a bit better, thanks for asking. Last night was less than fun, but today has been okay. (Of course, it doesn’t help that I’m now feeling sick, too. No sore throat yet, though. DC had a bad something or other a few days ago, so I’m kind of waiting this one out to see if it just stays a general sickness like hers or turns into strep, too. Blech.)

Anyway–all was going fine. TRC was eating breakfast and drinking juice while watching PBS.

Then, Mount St. TRC erupted.

The couch, the rug, Denisa’s pajamas–you name it. I was lying down in bed when it happened, but I arrived for the aftermath and the cleanup.

It’s not pretty.

Wherever you are today, be glad you’re not sick.

*Confession to make. I still remember how that stuff tastes, and I’m always a bit jealous when my kids get to take it. Am I alone in this?

6 thoughts on “Adventures in Amoxicillin”

  1. No. I had to have amoxicillin 5 or 6 times a winter, and I hated it. But I liked flouride tablets, and my kids don’t, so I dunno, I guess I’m just weird.

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