Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Semi-Finalist

Just wanted to post here to let you all know that I made the first cut in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. For those of you who don’t know, back in October or so of last year, Amazon opened this contest to the first 5,000 people who submitted their novel. I heard about it through a newsgroup I’m part of, and I figured why not. I submitted Vodnik. They’ve now narrowed it down to at most the top 1,000–though it sounds like maybe it was more like the top 850 or so. An excerpt of Vodnik is now on Amazon, and there should soon be a Publisher’s Weekly Review of the whole book. Customers can read the excerpt and rate it. We were limited to submitting just the first 5,000 words. I’m not overjoyed with where it cuts off, but such is life. From here, it’s going to be narrowed down to the top 100, and then Penguin editors will narrow it to the top 10, after which customers will vote to pick the winner, who will get a book contract with Penguin. Anyway, faithful readers–go and vote! Here’s a link for you all (I’m on a Mac, and I’m having trouble putting in an actual link, so I’ll just cut and paste the link):

Tune in later to see what PW had to say about the book. Anyone else out there enter? Please tell.

4 thoughts on “Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Semi-Finalist”

  1. Yeah, but if you’d known about it, then I would have had to kill you, because you would have beat me. That would have been sad, and it would have cost me money I couldn’t afford. Plane tickets across the country are expensive these days. 🙂
    Honestly, I should have blogged about it when I entered. I forgot to. My bad. Please vote for me anyway.

  2. Can’t figut it out
    I don’t see where to vote.
    I worked last night, it was late… I could be dumb.
    But, I do know your name isn’t Bryce Moore — at first I was kind of wondering if it was… see, that’s how tired I am.

  3. Re: Can’t figut it out
    Well, what you do is follow the link, then read my excerpt (by clicking “Download for Free” and following the instructions). Then you rate my excerpt from 1 to 5 stars, just like any other Amazon thing. These ratings will be taken into consideration as the the contest proceeds. I’ll post a new blog entry to clarify what to do. Sorry.

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