An Insight into How Movies Get Picked

Denisa and I are goin’ on a date tonight. The question of the day–what movie to see? Here’s the chat we had to decide:. Of such conversations the fate of movie studios, actors, directors and more are made. Does this conversation sound familiar to any of you?

10:40 AM Denisa: so what time is the movie? And what movie?
 me: There’s Knight and Day
10:41 AM Why don’t you pick out the one you want to see?
 Denisa: ok, i’ll look
 me: Also Shrek, Toy Story 3, etc–it’s up to you
 me: I’ll see whatever you want
 Denisa: ok
 me: Should be, unless you’d like to go out for a bite first
10:42 AM Denisa: no, let’s eat here
 me: k
 Denisa: I’ll have to make sdomething for the kids anyway
 me: k
 Denisa: I just came in from the garden it’s soooooo hot
 me: blech
10:43 AM Denisa: yeah, it’s going to be a cooker when it’s this hot at 10
10:44 AM what’s knight and day about?
  comedy, adventure, chick flick?
 me: Check for descriptions
 Denisa: ok
10:49 AM what would you pick?
  just watched a clip of knight and day
10:50 AM what about karate kid
10:53 AM me: Any one of them would be good
  Knight should be fun
  Karate kid more of a kid movie, but likely really good
  Toy Story was great
  Shrek . . . should be funny
  It’s really up to you
10:54 AM Denisa: Hm, you choose
10:55 AM I don’t know enough about them to choose
 me: Shrek, Toy Story, Knight or Karate
 Denisa: well, you’ve just seen Toy story
 me: Shrek–mindless fun. Toy Story–Best movie of the lot, Knight–fun romp with romance
10:56 AM Karate–Kung fu kid movie with Jackie Chan
  Karate Kid is really early, though
  Oh–and Shrek is out
  It’s only matinee
  So . . . toy story or knight and day
10:57 AM Denisa: knight and day
 me: ok
 Denisa: I can watch toy story with T later
 me: sounds good
10:59 AM Denisa: karate kid got better reviews on RT, but it’s on early
  So knight and day
 me: Karate Kid is more of a family movie anyway
 Denisa: ok
 me: Knight should be fun
11:00 AM Denisa: maybe see in with T on netflix sometime
 me: yeah
 Denisa: see ya
 me: bye

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