An Ounce of Prevention . . .

The kitchen renovation keeps chugging forward. The back wall is now swapped out, and the new windows are in place. We’re getting things ready for the electrician to come next week, and once that’s done, then the new cabinets can go in. As part of all of that, we’ve been lugging lots of stuff out to the dumpster we rented. Stuff that’s full of screws and nails and various sharp objects.

Perhaps you can see where this is going, but perhaps not.

Yesterday I went out to my car to drive home work, and the back wheel was totally flat. A screw had punctured it. I feel particularly boneheaded because we have a magnet on wheels specifically to help with cleaning up loose nails. I had thought multiple times that I should run it around the driveway some, but I kept letting it slide because I was “too busy.”

Well, now that I took the time to swap out the tire with the spare, then bring it in for repair today, and I’ll have to pay for it all, I’m definitely regretting not taking the basic step that I knew I should have done anyway. (I ran the magnet around last night when I got home, and I picked up around 20-30 nails and screws. (If you’re doing any renovation on your house, I strongly recommend buying one. They cost less than $100, and they can save you loads of time and wasted money on tire repairs . . . I have one that’s very similar to this one.)

Anyway. I’m just taking this as my regular reminder (that I apparently need) that taking some time for needed measures is always a good idea, and will save you time in the long run. Whether that’s things like regular dentist visits, or time off to relax, or just running a magnet up and down your driveway, it doesn’t really matter how busy you think you are, you’ll discover you had the time when you’re stuck wasting it on swapping out flat tires.


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