Apologies and Madness

First, my apologies for not posting yesterday. I was out zip zooming around Portland, taking my mother in law to the airport and going to stores. When you live where I live, you collect a list of things you need which can’t be found here. And when you go somewhere else, you buy things that are on that list. Make sense? Anyway, mother in law is off on her way back to Slovakia, and I’m sick of shopping. But you don’t care about that, do you? You laugh at my shopping-wearied nerves. The nerve of you.

Anyway. The main point of this post is to issue a challenge to you all. Anyone who’s anyone knows and realizes what time of year this is. March Madness. It’s a time I look forward to every year. Almost as good as Groundhog Day, in its own way, because it’s a time when we can all pit ourselves against each other and discover who’s superior, and who’s not. If all the wars in the world could be settled by a sort of world “office pool,” then I’m confident that there would be some obscure country ruling the world, just because it got lucky picking those 8-9 seed pairings. I hate that.

But I digress. My challenge to you is to see if you can beat my picks. I have gone on to espn’s site and created a group. The name of the group is Bryce’s Ramblings, and the password to join is ichabod. When the brackets are announced, you’ll have a few days to create an account with espn and join my group. Then, we’ll all get to sit back and see just how smart you all really are. To make things more interesting, I’m throwing in a prize: a signed, personalized copy of Cavern of Babel, complete with my admission that you are superior to me when it comes to making random guesses. (Unless, of course, I win the pool, in which case I’ll send a book to the runner up, in which I will remind him or her that I’m superior to them.) Do you hear that? This is your chance for a free alpaca fantasy! To make things EVEN BETTER (do I sound like an infomercial yet?), I’ll let anyone who participates in the challenge buy as many Cavern of Babel books as they’d like–for a whopping 33% off the cover price. That’s right–just sign up and play, and you can have your own autographed book–as well as copies for your 100 closest friends–all for just $10 a book, plus whatever it costs for me to ship them to you. I promise to be super cheap when it comes to shipping. Am I nice or what?

So now the question is: will any of you take me up on the offer? Because if the tournament starts and I’m the only one playing, then you realize that you have all admitted my superiority to you. And I won’t let you forget that. Trust me.

3 thoughts on “Apologies and Madness”

  1. I’ll think about it…
    Would I have to actually WATCH basketball? That might be too much.
    I only watch basketball when my kid plays, or I go to the Tourneys and eat popcorn, cotton candy, and drink lots and lots of over-priced soda.

  2. Re: I’ll think about it…
    Watching is NOT required. I’ll take care of everything–updating you all on how the contest is going and who’s winning. All through the wonders of modern technology. Isn’t life great? When you can have a tournament challenge and not even have to understand how it works to be able to know that you’re doing better than other people?

  3. I think the NOW PLAYING feature is accessed by playing your music really loud and rolling down the windows. At least that’s how I do it.
    And I’m with you on the hunger strike against fat. I’ve sworn off after-dinner treats for the time being, and after only a few days I miss them terribly. I cry myself to sleep at night, thinking of the ice cream and brownies I didn’t have.

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