Book Giveaway: The Basic Version

I had some complaints yesterday that my giveaway was too convoluted. So I’m going to describe it in very basic terms today.

Like my book’s Facebook page (by clicking here) or follow me on Twitter (by clicking here).

Once I get enough likes and followers, I will do the following:

  • Give away a signed hardcover of the book (Vodnik) to a random liker/follower
  • Give away 2 advance eCopies to random likers/followers
  • Post the fifth chapter of the book on its Facebook page (chapters 1-4 are available to read here.)
  • Commit to posting chapter commentaries to all 33 chapters of the book (cool extras, like deleted scenes)
That’s it. Let me worry about the math. (Or go here for a complete rundown.)

The takeaway? Like the book’s Facebook page and follow me on Twitter, and encourage others to do the same. Help me raise some buzz, and maybe win yourself some loot in the process.

(You can also enter to win a free eCopy of Vodnik by joining my March Madness Tournament Challenge. Details here.)

Oh yeah. And if/when I ever get 1000 Facebook likes and/or Twitter Followers, I will film myself doing the Truffle Shuffle, and then post it here for your ridicule and delight. Do I think I’ll get that high? No. That’s why I’m making such a ridiculous offer. 🙂

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