Broadway Review: Come From Away

This year’s annual pilgrimage to New York City was another resounding success. It’s been interesting to keep going back to New York as I notch other cities across the world into my belt. Growing up, NYC was really the only city I knew well at all, and so it’s always been “the city” to me. It’s the place I compare all other cities to.

Denisa was commenting as we were walking through the city (with it’s . . . “unique” smells and sounds) that she’s not a big fan of Manhattan. It made me realize that somehow, I really am. Don’t get me wrong: I wouldn’t want to live there, and it’s surprising to think (since I generally don’t like interacting with strangers), but I somehow really love the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. So much energy and action. New Orleans, Paris, London, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, DC, Salt Lake, Prague, Vienna, and the rest are all wonderful in their own way, but New York remains “the City” for me, stinky smells and all.

In any case, this time we walked over to the Hudson and back, exploring some areas I haven’t been in a while. All in all, we walked around 8 miles, which was a bit longer than I was planning on, but there you go.

We met up with my illustrious agents, who took us out to dinner at Tony’s Di Napoli, which had delicious Italian food. It’s served family style, so you get one entree, and it’s big enough for 2-3 hungry adults. Tasty stuff.

Afterward, we hurried over to our show of the year, which was Come from Away, on recommendation from Joshua. It tells the story of the real life event in Newfoundland, where scores of planes were grounded on 9/11 as the world tried to figure out what was going on. A town of 9,000 people ended up with 7,000 visitors from across the globe for 4 days. The musical goes into the logistics and the social interactions. It’s got fantastic music and a moving story, and Denisa and I both loved it. Very worth your while if you have a chance to see it in person at some point. 9/10, with an extra boost for having just a tremendous live performance. It was one of the best crowds I ever remember seeing a show with. “Electric” doesn’t do it justice.

Here’s a performance from the Tonys. Most of the cast is still the same as this performance, which was a nice surprise, this far into the show’s run:


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