Bruce Willis on Talkbacks in AICN

So this is one of the coolest things I’ve seen an A-list actor ever do.  Bruce Willis saw people were talking about Die Hard 4 (Live Free or Die Hard) being PG-13 instead of R, so he registered himself on Aintitcoolnews and started talking back to them all, defending his movie.  Now mind you, this is Bruce Willis we’re talking about here, so the language on the discussion board is far from PG-13 approved, but still, it was interesting to me to see it all unfold, as some people doubted it was Bruce.  He finally had someone go on to his iChat account with Apple and do a video chat with him to prove he was who he said he was.

So often movie stars seem removed from the rest of the public.  I just thought it was cool to see one actually just put himself out there and start talking.  Of course, it’s since been deluged with questions and comments for him, but for a while–when he was still pretty much “unproved” he was able to talk about things he felt like talking about.  Check the original discussion here if you want, but don’t say I didn’t warn you about the language.  Willis is “Walter B,” and his posts are in black.

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